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rp_me_weiss's Journal

General Weiss RPG community
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~ t ö t u n g s c h ö n h e i t ~


Hello and welcome to the Weiβ Kreuz general role playing community! This community is based off of the concepts from its affiliate community, rp_me_pot. We accommodate all fans of Weiβ Kreuz, Weiβ Kreuz Gluhen and Side B, and hope you will use this forum to meet and befriend other fans and fellow RPers.

die Versammlung

The purpose of this community is to bring together RPers of all experience levels from the Weiβ Kreuz fandom. We hope it will serve numerous purposes, including (but not limited to): finding someone to RP with casually, soliciting for members for a formal RP community, posting RP logs you wish to share with fans, posting your fanart works based on RP's, and engaging in discussion about role playing in general.

This is your opportunity to meet other RPers and to share your talents and enthusiasm with us, whether you are looking for brief and casual RPing or longer, more intricate RPs.

Members are encouraged to write an introductory post using the form below. These posts will be helpful in letting other members know who you are, and what type of RPing experience you are seeking. The form includes information about which characters you wish to play, and preferences as to RP style and format. Please check the community memories or entries tagged under "profile" for member intro posts.

die Vorschrift

  • Please remain courteous to fellow members. Constructive criticism is helpful and encouraged, but flaming and rude behavior will not be tolerated.

  • This is a yaoi friendly community. Het and yuri are also welcome. On a similar vein, please refrain from bashing pairings, even if you do not support them.

  • Use this form to write your introductory posts:

  • Logs and fanart should be placed under the LJ cut.

  • Please obtain the permission of all participants in an RP log before posting one to the comm. You may use the following sample form when posting your logs:

  • Have fun meeting people and RPing! ^__^

die Angliederung


die Frage

You may address your questions to this post, and a moderator will try to answer back as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you may contact the moderators directly through IM. We can be reached at the following:
  • piipa: velvetsn0w (AIM)

  • athena: shizumaru8 (AIM)