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January 12th, 2009

It's an age of piracy like you've never seen it before.

On the floating continent of Reial, tensions run high as two opposing countries stand on the verge of war. To the west, there's Vohemar, a land that supports so few laws that it's made a nation of cutthroats and scoundrels. To the east, there's Ivona, a refined country that remains a leader in production and technology, yet the corruption here reaches deeper than most can imagine. Some choose not to pick a side at all, and either help or hinder either side depending on their whims.

Choose a ship, declare your loyalty, and fight alongside your crew to make your dreams a reality.

theskytides: A multifandom AU game focused around airships, with a steampunk setting. Completely remade from its previous version. We now have a brand new ship with most positions available!

Game Information

Rules ¤ Taken/Wanted ¤ Reservations ¤ Application

Faction Information ¤ Ship Crew List

FAQ ¤ Geography ¤ Glossary

Friends Add ¤ Pimping Code ¤ Hiatus/Mod Contact Post

September 19th, 2007

(no subject)

Name: Yuko, Hakubi, or any variations of aforementioned names. =D
LJ: yuko_hakubi
Timezone: Central (I live in the dead part of the US)
Characters you RP: Yohji (though I could possibly branch out with some practice)
Characters you wish to RP with: Aya
Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I've rped possibly everything but Weiss prior to now. I'm a yaoi fangirl, so I like to play m/m pairings.
Link to a sample RP log (optional): Sadly, I don't *have* them anymore. They were deleted because of altercations between moderators.
Do you smut?: Never before, but I'm quite certain I could be persuaded. ^_~
AIM: paranoidritchan
MSN: yukohakubi@hotmail.com
Yahoo: none
Any other messenger: none
Is there anything else you would like to add?: I'm especially looking for someone to roleplay a serious/lengthy YohjixAya. You don't have to be perfect, but knowing how to spell most stuff helps. I also like making friends via said messengers, but tend to be a lurker. So, if you're interested, hit me up! I'm usually on from whenever I get home from classes, and I can discuss that more in depth with whoever's interested.

July 21st, 2007

<b>Name:</b> Cleo, though I also answer to Nocturna, Rune, and variations of my screenname.
<b>LJ:</b> enigmaticvoid
<b>Timezone:</b> Mountain(Alberta..Whee..)
<b>Characters you RP:</b> Ran, Schuldig and Brad once in a blue moon. I prefer to play Ran, however.
<b>Characters you wish to RP with:</b> Schuldig or Yoji. Though, I'm pretty much up for roleplaying with any characters.
<b>Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:</b> The only detail that I care about is that if I'm playing Ran, that Aya-chan has passed away, or is still in a comatose state without getting revived. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around how Ran would act if Aya-chan did wake up. So..uhhh..Yeah. If she's dead, however, bear in mind that this would also give Ran more angst and issues.
<b>Link to a sample RP log (optional):</b> I don't have any RP logs, sadly.
<b>Do you smut?:</b> Not at all. Hell, I can barely write kiss scenes.
<b>AIM:</b> ShadwNocturn
<b>MSN:</b> mage_stanager@hotmail.com
<b>Yahoo:</b> nocturnal_obscurity@Yahoo.ca
<b>Any other messenger:</b> I have Skype, though it's not too useful for roleplay. XD
<b>Is there anything else you would like to add?:</b>  Uhh..Please keep IC and OOC separate. I have bad luck with roleplay partners going all creepy on me. I also prefer literate partners. though I will settle for Semi-lit. Please use third person only and do not use asterisks to separate your actions.  I like to think myself to be pretty easy going on the whole of things.

March 24th, 2007

Ok! So I'm a lurker! you all still love me anyway...right?


I also hope this is allowed, if its not, just pull me by the earlobe and bop me upside the head.

So...uumm...I'm in this game and someone LIED about their age *shocker* and so now we are without an Omi. Normally this is a character I LOVE to take on, however, I branched out this time and took on someone else and can't handle this many muses in my mind! So...we need an Omi...someone who won't lie about their age! I think the person can do what they wish with the little brat hacker, but maybe you should talk to the GM. She's nice and I'm babbling again. So are you interested? Please say yes and join in the fun! WOO HOO!

and if you don't wanna play Omi, but you wanna join anyway as someone else and have fun with us...that's ok too.


September 20th, 2006

(no subject)

Name: Allie/Tiger
LJ: Tigermink (for now will change soon)
Timezone: Eastern
Characters you RP: Yohji, crawford
Characters you wish to RP with: Aya, Schuldig, Farfarello, Ken
Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I rp to have fun and relax. I am not worried too much about how long your posts are or if you have perfect grammar. I want to rp not write a term paper. I love the pairings of Yohji/Aya Yohji/Schuldig Aya/Crawford Yohji/Ken Yohji/farf
Link to a sample RP log (optional): I have logs saved. If you would like to see just ask.
Do you smut?: I enjoy good smut. But I also like plot with my smut.
AIM: Tigermink2
Any other messenger:
Is there anything else you would like to add?: I am pretty open to ideas. Don't be afraid to talk to me. I don't bite, usually. I like a dose of humor in my rps so don't be afraid to be a little silly at times. I am looking forward to having some fun and meeting some of you.

September 11th, 2006

I've had the itch to RP something from Weiss for a while now. However, it seems that it's hard to find any good, active ones anymore. I don't even know if this is all that active, but, I thought I'd give it a try anyway. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone else will stumble upon my little post and come and RP with me.^^ So, before I bore whoever may read this with my ramblings, onto my little application/ad type thing.

Name: Jen
LJ:shonenainomiko (excuse my lameness, I'm terrible with livejournal coding....^^;)
Timezone:Eastern(PA, the most boring state on the east coast...)
Characters you RP:Aya, Yohji (but currently leaning more towards Aya right now)
Characters you wish to RP with: Anyone, but I love a good Aya/Yohji(I have more experience playing a uke though,so,the next pairing is probably better, if I'm Aya.), Yohji/Aya, and I like watching Shuldich play with anyone^_~
Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:Well, I like RPs that have plot,any kind of plot. AU, canon, it doesn't matter, I'll RP anything. Nothing is really too over the top for me. I usually discuss the plot with my current RP partner, and it's created on a spur of the moment basis.
Link to a sample RP log (optional):Sadly, no.
Do you smut?:Oh my yes!^^ Basically anything, even kinks, I'm pretty much ok with
Is there anything else you would like to add?:I prefer someone who likes to write a paragraph for a response. Something I can work with,and at least have a decent grasp of grammar. I've never actually RPed anything from Weiss before. But I have plenty of RPing experience. My friend and I kept an original RP going for 8 years. Also, I'm currently RPing Saiyuki with someone, and RPed Getbackers before that. I prefer RPing one on one, so I'm good at handling multiple characters if needed. (My friend and I had about three dozen charas each...O.o) Since I prefere one on one, RPing over AIM is ideal for me. I'm on all the time, save for weekends when I'm not at school, and I stay up late. I suppose that's all I have to say. Either comment here, or, better yet, IM me directly, and we'll talk.^^ Also, I like this for friendship too, it's not all about the RP, my friends and I usually blab about random stuff for a little bit before getting down to business. Here goes nothing!

August 21st, 2006

Ahh.. hi~

kou sun textless
I feel so silly posting to a community that's been idle for a couple of months. >>; But I will do it anyway. XD; So, here's my sheet thingy! Umm. Yes.

Name: Ryuuen!
LJ: kinkami
Timezone: US EST
Characters you RP: I love Omi the most, so if I can play him, I'm at my happiest, but I also play Nagi and Schuldig. I could try my hand at Aya, but it'd be new to me.
Characters you wish to RP with: Pretty much any of the guys. XP
Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I love plot. Give me a good plot and I'll love you forever. I love all things pre-series - especially when either Weiss or Schwarz were just being formed / put together - and I prefer it to most other plotlines. However, post-series can also be fun. I don't play during the series much, but AU is my friend. Oh, and I will not play anything to do with Gluhen. In fact, I prefer to pretend that it doesn't exist. :D
Link to a sample RP log (optional): I'm afraid I don't have any. ^^;;; I'm really, terribly sorry about that.
Do you smut?: Oh, yes. >D
AIM: LolitaCatgirl
Yahoo: N/A
Any other messenger: None.
Is there anything else you would like to add?: I love to talk OOC. Please don't be disturbed/frightened/scared off if I start babbling. Also, I'm really, extremely shy about IMing people, so please do me a favor and IM me first, and I'll appreciate it. I'm extremely open to ideas, so don't worry about suggesting something you think might be too crazy to work - chances are, I'll be willing to give it a shot. ^_^

June 18th, 2006

Eeeyeah.... Ahaha... So! I've been a member here for gosh, rather a while now, and I kind of had an attack of shy and never got around to posting my info. But! Late is better than never, I hope, so here I am and here I be. *waves* Heya, minna-san!

Name: Harper

LJ: harpergrey

Timezone: Mountain

Characters you RP: Brad Crawford, Fujimiya Aya (Ran), Schuldig. I'll happily attempt others as well, but these three are the main WK boys living in my head, with Crawford being my hands-down favourite. (What can I say? I love my Brad-sama to bits! *looks shifty* But don't tell him I said that or he'll shoot me again.)

Characters you wish to RP with: Anyone and everyone!

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I like to think that I'm fairly open-minded when it comes to settings, pairings, etc. Heh. I'm pretty much good with anyone/anyone, though I definitely prefer stuff that's off the beaten track. I adore the weird and unusual, so if you've got a yen for a strange crossover or AU, or an RP based in some historical/future setting, or just want to try a pairing that's not usually attempted (Crawford/Mihirogi, anyone? *grins*), I'm your girl. (Though Crawford/Kapitel!Nagi does give me a wee bit of the squick -- or, to be a wanker about it, gives my Brad-muse a bit of the squick -- but I'm open to being convinced otherwise! Heh. Crawford/Glühen!Nagi, on the other hand... *looks shifty and attempts to surreptitiously wipe puddle of drool from desktop*) The more cracked the better -- this is WK after all... So long as we can come up with a conceivable scenario I'm generally willing to go for it. Style-wise, I'm comfortable with either prose or script-format -- but I'll warn you now, I'm coming from a mixed writing/RP background, so I do tend to get rather wordy (as you may have guessed from my introductory post thus far... ahaha.).

Link to a sample RP log (optional): Erm... I'm rather bad about actually posting my RP logs, but I have them all saved, so if you're interested, just let me know and I'll dig something suitable up. I can however, give you a link to the LJ for the Crawford s1ncer1ty let me unleash to terrorize her monochromestain RP -- americandelphi. (And let me just say that that game kicks some serious butt!! *thumbs up*)

Do you smut?: Hell yeah! *grins*

AIM: harper kun (I'm on MSN and Yahoo as well, but I don't tend to actually sign on to them very often, so if you'd prefer either of those to AIM, feel free to poke me on AIM or in a comment to this post and we'll see what we can work out.)

Is there anything else you would like to add?: Hmm... well, I should probably warn that I've only been RP-ing WK for about six months now. (But I've spent quite a lot of time RP-ing during those six months... does that count? *tries to look cute*) I'm familiar with Kapitel, Glühen, Side B, and most of the drama CDs, and I'm comfortable with setting an RP during any of these time periods. (Especially Side B, given as there is a serious dearth of Schwarzness in canon there, and I must therefore compensate with RP. *nods firmly*)

So, erm, yeah. That's me! Do feel free to drop me an IM, I'm kicking around AIM rather a lot. Sleep? What is this thing you call sleep? We need none of that! *cackles maniacally and reaches for another cup of coffee*

June 14th, 2006

(no subject)

aya - bleed

athena was supposed to do this but since I’m impatient, I took the liberty to write the post myself. So you’ll all just have to deal with me instead. Sorry about that, she would probably have done better job in being neat and organized.

The comm. has been sadly quiet, and we were wondering if you lovely people out there would have wanted some kind of group action. The lack of responses will of course be interpreted as a simple no but if you’d like to see possibly some kind of contests (that seems to work with rp_me_pot comm. even if personally I’m not fond of bringing competing in the RP arena) or maybe you would be interested in something else, comment here and lets make it happen! Feel free to suggest something as well.

Also was wondering if there’s any kind of interest for a new RP comm.? Or possibly rebooting some old ones.

Yes, you guessed right, I’d like to RP Weiss. And my last topic would be that if there happens to be anybody with the same kind of desire and doesn’t mind some mistakes with my English, hit me with a comment, e-mail, IM, something. My preferred character is Aya but after that I’m quite happy to RP anybody from the series. My intro post is here and will throw in some contact info as well:
E-mail: shadows_in_mind@hotmail.com
AIM: Velvet Sn0w
MSN: the e-mail addy up there.

That’s all for now. Good day to you all,

January 2nd, 2006


curves of your lips
Can I just say that this is the greatest idea for a community? I've been at a complete loss to find good Weiss RP (or Weiss RP at all!) for the past couple years, and I'm so so soooo happy to have found this place. ^^!! That saaaaaid:

Name: I rarely give it out, so call me Louise if you'd like.
LJ: It's all HP-oriented at the moment, but you can get a taste of how I write from it at least, I suppose: www.livejournal.com/~Parselmouthed
Timezone: Most of the time, EST.
Characters you RP: My main is Kenken, and I'm DYING to play him again, so plllleeease contact me if you're a good Yohji or Schuldig. I also play Yohji and Schu myself at times, when RP is scarce. ~.^
Characters you wish to RP with: YOHJI. Please please give me your Yohjis. I will offer money and hot YoKen sex in return. <3
Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I am willing to play any sort of SL within the Weiss realm -- that includes AU, if it's a good idea. I'm ALWAYS into angst and sex, as long as there's a good plot behind it. Though I don't usually do fluff, sometimes it's necessary, so hit me with it if that's your style.
Link to a sample RP log (optional): Right now...I don't have any. x.x; However, IM me or e-mail me and I'll be quick to type up my style for ya. No pressure or anything -- I'll send and if you don't like, I won't bug you ever again. Also, you can reply to this and ask for a sample and I'll whip one up for ya. On second thought, that sounds like a plan. :P
Do you smut?: Oh hell yes.
AIM: SiberianEyes or prettyprotege
Yahoo: I have one...but I'm never on it. If that's where you play, drop me a line and I'll come over to the Dark Side. ~.^
Any other messenger: Nada.
Is there anything else you would like to add?: My favorite pairings are Yohji/Ken, Schuldich/Ken, and Ran/Ken, but I'm not against others, so just try me. I've been RPing Weiss for...6 years? So I've got a good sense of the characters and my own little quirks about 'em. But that doesn't mean I'm not willing to try new things. If you've got an idea, I'll most likely be willing to play it with you as long as you have fingers to type and eyes to read. ^^; Thanks. <3
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